Background on Golf Bags

Posted By on November 11, 2014

Golf bags are an essential part of playing golf. Most country clubs will not admit anyone without the proper golf attire and golfing materials. Golf bags contain the golf clubs, golf balls, shirts, spare shoes, beverages and other essentials like cellphones, wallets and keys. They reflect much about the player and his preference when playing golf.

A Brief History

golf bagsGolf is quite an old sport. It dates back to the 13th century in Scotland. During that time, players simply bind a cord around their golf clubs. Most players do not even have more than 1 golf club. Early golf clubs were made of wood. As time progressed, golf developed and clubs needed to be specialized. Rules of Gold also started to develop. It was only in the 1900s when the first bag intended to carry golf clubs were made. These were made from canvas with metal ends to maintain its shape. The opening was only a mere 4 inches without dividers inside. In 1939, the USGA Rules of Golf set the 14-club rule for golf. This means that each golfer can bring a maximum of 14 golf clubs with them. The Rules of Golf also set the standards on how golf clubs should look. Early golf bags were made from vinyl and cotton, thus they are heavier and less durable. In the seventies, the first golf bag made from nylon was made available to the public. Nylon is more durable and lightweight than cotton. Sun Mountain was the first manufacturer of bags as you know them today. Their designs were copied and set as standard for making bags for golf. In 1986, Sun Mountain released a version with retractable legs, thus creating stand bags.


Aside from wheels and legs, most golf bags are waterproof and are made from lightweight materials. The strap for carry bags and stand bags must be carefully and ergonomically designed to distribute the weight of the bag and golf clubs. The goal is to distribute the weight to the lower body to simulate weightlessness.

Care Essentials 

Although golf bags are not expensive, they will not remain in good condition if the golfer is not careful with them. They can only serve you a purpose as long as they are in their good shape. Because golf is an outdoor sport, your bag will be exposed to weather extremes such as prolonged heat exposure and rain. To take care of your bag, make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight. You can also purchase golf umbrella that you can attach to your bag. Golf umbrellas are available in 2 kinds. The first one resembles an ordinary umbrella with a special attachment on the handle so they can be attached to the bag even while the bag is strapped on your shoulders. The second kind is smaller in diameter but has a deeper canopy to cover the golf bag. Golf umbrellas are sometimes attached to a telescopic shaft. The shaft of the umbrella can be bent to protect the golf bag from varying angles. Golf umbrellas are especially designed to protect the golf bag while allowing easy access to the golf clubs.

Always clean you golf bag before storing it. Wipe off any moisture, debris and dirt. Store your golf bag in a cool, dry place. Mold and mildew can grow on your golf bag so make sure to clean and dry the contents as well. If you will not be using your golf bag for a while, it is advisable to drape a garbage bag over it to protect it from external particulates and moisture.

What Makes the Best e Liquid?

Posted By on October 30, 2014

Electronic cigarettes are all the rage these days. These are battery-powered cigarette-like contraptions that heat a cartridge to deliver flavored water vapor that contains e liquid to the user. The contraption mimics a real cigarette without the smoke and after effects brought about by carcinogenic components. The important component of an e cigarette is the e juice. The best e liquid can be sourced from a lot of different manufacturers. These differ in flavor and the level of nicotine content.

Smoking imageThis is the liquid that serves as the fuel for the electronic cigarette. When heated, it becomes vapor-like offering users the feel of smoking a traditional cigarette. It differs from usual tobacco because there are no tobacco leaves involved. Options may contain nicotine while others do not. Usually, buyers can choose from five levels of nicotine.

Even the best e liquid does not have to contain any nicotine. There is a zero content option. This is ideal for those who wish to try out electronic cigarettes offering them a feel of the machine. They can get the experience of smoking without having to expose themselves to any nicotine.

The four other levels range from extra light to high. These options depend on one’s daily consumption of cigarettes. A heavy smoker might want to shift to an electronic cigarette with high-content e juice. A light smoker on the other hand might wish to start with the milder option.

Aside from the nicotine content, one’s consumption of the best e liquid cartridges may also depend on the daily consumption. Since cartridges are measured in milliliters, someone who smokes about two packs a day will have an average weekly e juice consumption of about 15 to 20 ml.

Different ingredients are used in making e liquid. The combination of these base ingredients ensures that the vapor will generate a smooth flavor. The primary ingredients are PG and VG. PG, Propylene Glycol, is a non-toxic flavor carrier. VG, Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand is a thicker but sweeter vegetable-based liquid component. Both of these are combined with nicotine and artificial flavors to create ready-to-use e juice. Generally, a thicker e juice consistency will last longer but a thinner one can be smoked much easier.

What most electronic cigarette users might not know about is that the best e liquid are those which are pricier. These are more expensive because they do not use chemical fillers such as acetoin and diacetyl. These are oil based flavor components that can be harmful when transformed into vapors. Pricier options, instead of using these chemicals, utilize food grade flavor profiles instead.

E cig patrons consider taste apart from the nicotine levels in the cartridges that they purchase. The taste can easily heighten the experience. Having an appealing taste on the palette can translate to an enjoyable sensation when the nicotine is absorbed into the body. This is the feature of electronic cigarettes that can help people switch from traditional tobacco to this product.

There are different companies that supply e juice. Some of them also manufacture in-house electronic cigarettes. It is said that the best e cigs are those which are used with the same brand of e juice. Before making a purchase it is important that enough research be done on the matter. It is always a good thing to be completely knowledgeable about a product especially one like e cigs.

The best e liquid can be found after several test runs. This is something buyers need to be open about. Not all cartridges work well with certain devices. It may take a while for a smoker to find the best combination between the two.

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