Buying Brand New: Guidelines for Investing in Storage Containers

Logistics | Posted by Marion Moon
Jun 12 2015

Storage containers provide versatile short-term and long-term packing and space-saving solutions for business owners and homeowners alike. Their uses run from toilet blocks to laboratories, making them a worthy investment. Prior to purchasing and installing a storage container, you should ask yourself a few important questions such as the duration in which you intend on using the container.

If you plan to utilize the storage container frequently, then the wiser choice would be to buy one instead of renting one. The second question to ask is whether to buy them secondhand or brand new. If you are not keen on doing any repairs in the near future, then the latter would be the best option.

Storage containers come in different sizes. Residential containers are ideally the 20 ft. models since they require minimal space. This is also recommended for small businesses. However, if your business requires a larger storage space, the 40 ft. models are advisable since they can provide you with three times more space. High cube containers that are typically 9 ft. 6 inches high can offer maximum storage capacity for big businesses.

One should be aware that certain regions have restrictions concerning containers, particularly regarding the size. It is up to you to research the rules in your city or country. Some companies also produce containers in a variety of modified lengths, some even as small as 10 ft.

storage containerAfter you have decided on the size, make sure that the preferred location can sufficiently accommodate the container. The most ideal delivery space would be two times the container’s length. One must also consider not just the size of the container but also the method of delivery. Determine whether the site’s length is enough to accommodate part of the delivery truck. It is important to place the containers in a level location. Otherwise, consider using wood blocks in order to aid in leveling the storage cubicle.

Ensuring that the site has sufficient drainage will help prevent sinking. Delivery options and transport costs are also among the factors to look into. Think of the distance between the seller and the delivery site. Tilt-bed delivery, chassis delivery and flatbed delivery are among the most common means of transporting the containers and each has their advantages and disadvantages.

Storage containers delivered via tractor-trailer are generally more convenient but costly at the same time. A huge drawback is that while they are able to pick up 20 ft. containers, they are incapable of holding loaded 40 ft. cubicles. Flatbed delivery trucks, on the other hand, can manage 40 ft. containers through forklift. It is also a more affordable alternative compared to tilt-bed transport; therefore, making it more ideal for long-distance delivery.

The downside is that equipment is necessary for loading and unloading whereas containers carried via flatbed are simply slid towards the ground. Chassis delivery is also a comparatively low-cost transport method. It is the preferred means for shipping cargo overseas. However, a crane would be required in picking up 40 ft. steel containers on and off a chassis.

Storage containers can have either a low or a high locking gear. The high locking version is more advisable if you plan to use the container for ground level storage. While most storage cubicles may come with bare wooden flooring, some have polyurethane coating. The latter type is much easier to clean. There are also floors with plastic coating that can provide you with a non-skid surface.

Also, when buying brand new, take advantage of new built-in features such as the lock box. A lock box will enable you to padlock the hasp inside the box conveniently. Keeping in mind these essential tips will aid you in investing on the right storage container for your home or your business.

A Brief Rundown of Golf Equipment

Sports | Posted by Elsie Bush
Feb 06 2015

People who want to start playing golf better introduce themselves to the golf equipment that they are going to use when they start playing the sport. Golf is a very old sport that had very humble origins. Back then the sport did not require a lot of equipment to play. Golf nowadays is a lot more complicated than it used to be.

There are so many pieces of golfing equipment that people might get intimidated by it. Indeed, the different number of equipment that golfers use nowadays to help improve their game is tremendous. However, beginners do not have to get themselves bogged down in the details. Understanding the higher mechanics of golfing equipment is reserved for more advanced players. For now, simple familiarity with the different pieces of golf equipment should suffice.

Below is a brief rundown of golfing equipment that beginners need to be familiar with.

The golf ball

This should be the piece of equipment that most people already recognize. Even the people who do not play the sport are usually familiar with what golf balls look like.

golf equipmentMost people may not know this, but the golf balls of today are a far cry from what they used to be. The first golf balls were made of hardwood then leather skin golf balls filled with feathers and other varieties of balls. It was not until the early nineties that dimpled golf balls came into play.

The recessed dimples that people see on a golf ball number around 300-450. These dimples were designed to improve the aerodynamics of the ball which basically means that it is meant to make the ball move better through the air. The dimples also help produce spin. A spinning ball produces more lift, helping the ball fly through the air.

Aside from the construction’s design, the materials used in the balls construction plays a huge part in performance. The materials, like the design, have an impact on the balls flight pattern, feel, distance, and spin. Beginners should really understand how golf balls work as they are one of the most important, if not the most important, piece of golf equipment.


Golf players use several kinds of clubs and can carry up to a maximum of fourteen clubs, per regulations, for each game. There are four kinds of clubs that beginners should learn about.

The first kind of club is the wood. Woods are typically employed for long shots from the fairway or tee. Irons are for shots that demand a higher degree of accuracy. These are often used for fairways as well as from the rough. Irons known as wedges are used for shorter shots.

Hybrids are a new kind of golf club. The hybrid, as the name implies, is a cross between the wedge and the iron. It combines some of the characteristics of a wood and an iron. It is typically employed by golf players for shots made from a difficult rough. Hybrids are also popular with players who have some difficulty in using long irons to get the ball airborne.

Last, but not least, is the putter. The putter is the club used by golfers when they want the golf ball to roll on the ground. It produces little to no lift and is the club often seen used when the ball is only a few feet away from the hole.


Tee is that small object that people see when golfers are about to make their first shot. They are pushed into the ground so the ball can be made to rest on top. This has the benefit of making the shot easier. It is a strict rule that the tee can only be used for the first shot.

Ball markers

This is the most mundane or simple piece of golfing equipment. This is used to mark a ball’s location when it needs to be picked up for cleaning or when it’s in the way of another ball. This piece of golf equipment is usually flat and round.

Essential Information to Check on HRCI Certified Programs

Technology | Posted by Frank Hosier
Feb 03 2015

People wishing to advance their HR careers take HRCI certified programs to gain titles and validate their HR operations knowledge. Finding these programs is now easy through the internet. But in order to find the right programs, clients should learn more about each offered course.

Program Overview

HRCI certified programsThis describes the rationale behind the program. For instance, some programs stress the role of trust in an organization in leading projects and improving work relationships. Each program targets one or two essential traits or HR practices that will be enhanced through guides.

Aside from the main program, program developers also highlight top companies with noticeable HR and managerial practices that resulted to their success. Studied companies are Fortune 500 companies or other large-scale businesses. Studying their HR operations and team management allows program developers to come up with recommendations that benefit other companies.

Prerequisites are included as part of the course overview. Some programs discuss in-depth topics that require basic knowledge of other programs. Some providers may require clients to get an earlier-released course before taking the new one. It depends on how the program is devised. Fortunately, most programs don’t require prerequisites to be completed.

Program Goals

Program goals refer to the targeted outcome after taking the program. Clients will learn a lot of new information that enhance their HR management and leadership skills. By learning new information, an individual will train his skills and have a different perspective when it comes to engaging team members

HRCI certified programs also concentrate on common causes of various organizational issues. Focusing on matters educate employees about the practices they’ve been doing and how to fix them. Strategy building is among the goals in studying these programs. Strategies focus on the type of HR setup an individual wants to study, like local or global HR practices.

Introducing a program’s goal is vital to set clients’ expectation. They will know how they will participate and even do advance study just to have an overview of how the program is developed. Goals and outcomes also serve as factors in assessing whether a program is effective or not.

Targeted Individuals

Programs are not created equal. Some programs are meant for all employees while other trainings are for managers, team leaders and actual HR personnel. Courses indicate the recommended people who should take the program and ensure they will learn more about their field.

Recertification Credit

Recertification credit is in form of hours, which will be used for professional certifications. Specific certifications like PHR certifications require a certain number of hours before granting the individual the title.

HRCI certified programs list down the accredited number of hours for employees’ reference. Clients can begin counting their time and make them useful for recertification.

Included Training Materials

Most programs are instructor-led, making them similar to a classroom setup. Others are held as webinars, recommended for overseas HR professionals and managers. Additional training materials may be included and indicated on the program’s overview. Check if the program includes downloadable modules or access to specific portals for online references.

Instructor Details

Instructor-led HRCI certified programs are great because clients can interact with the resource person. However, attendees must find out if the resource person is reliable and is an actual HR operations expert.

Course Price

Sign up for a value-added yet effective program by looking for the price. Pricing details are posted right on the course overview’s page.

Other Program Details

These are other pieces of information about the program, like class date, time and location. Checking the time is vital for web-held programs due to time zone differences. Take note of differences to attend on time. Look for developers’ contact information as well.

HRCI certified programs come in various types, targeting specific skills, HR operations, and workforce experts. Take note of this information to get the best programs developers have to offer.

Logo Lanyards for Professionals

Product | Posted by Jean Brown
Jan 16 2015

Lanyards are popular nowadays, especially among the youth. Students use them as ID straps or mobile phone straps, and lanyards are sometimes given away as souvenirs, but did you know that even professionals can make use of lanyards?

Logo lanyards can be used as ID straps in the workplace. With the appropriate width, style and design, they can look professional and they need not look “loud”. Lanyards can also be used in conferences or conventions. Not only do they serve as identification—they become part of the ‘credentials’ along with the certificate of participation and can also serve as a freebie one can use even after the event.

logo lanyardsBrand promotion is another use for lanyards. Lanyards can be given away as freebies or corporate gifts. They serve as subtle advertising for brand recall which benefits the company, and utility which benefits the recipient.

Logo lanyards come in various materials and styles. Slimmer neck lanyards are usually used for ID straps in offices, and usually have the company or office name printed on them. Thicker logo lanyards are more visible; also, they provide larger space for printing either a larger company name or logo. Another line of text can be added and can be used for placing sponsors. This is good for convention lanyards. Wrist lanyards are another option. This kind of lanyard can be used for pouches or key chains. They use less material compared to neck lanyards.

Another reason to get lanyards for your company is that they are relatively cheap. You can get customized lanyards by using any of the various lanyard customization services available online. Lanyard cost is affected by the kind of material used, the width of the material, the kind of printing for the design, and the kinds of attachments on the lanyard. Lanyards can come in cotton, polyester, or nylon, and attachments range from bulldog clips, split rings, break-away buckles to badge clips.

The following is a list of some of the popular types of logo lanyards:

Dye sublimated-This kind of lanyard can have multicolor imprints on both sides. Heat and pressure are used to print the image, and the imprint does not sit on the surface of the material. This insures that the imprint is not worn or scraped.

Imprinted nylon-This kind of lanyard is smooth and shiny, resulting in a lanyard that is more visible. It is good for intricate designs.

Woven-This kind of lanyard does not utilize printing; instead, it uses multiple colors of thread woven together. This results in a lanyard that is clean, soft and professional-looking. One disadvantage of choosing a woven lanyard is that it is limited to simple designs. Woven lanyards come in nylon and polyester variants.

Imprinted tubular-This kind of lanyard is soft and uses silk screen printing. It is economical yet professional-looking.

Polyester-This kind of lanyard is stylish and affordable, and images are well-printed.

Cord/shoestring-This kind of lanyard is slim and comfortable but due to its width, text is not as visible as it is with wider styles of lanyards.

Lanyards are not at all expensive. One hundred pieces of 5/8″ width lanyards can cost as low as $1.80. Most websites ship free of charge and even allow you to get some types of lanyard attachments for free. As for designing the lanyards, you can opt to send in your own design or have the manufacturer create it. Some lanyard-making websites offer lanyard designing for free. Truly, designing and ordering lanyards for your organization or company is a quick and easy process that even the busiest executive can do!

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How Challenge Coins are Made

Military | Posted by Karen Cruz
Jan 03 2015

Challenge coins come in a variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and designs which could overwhelm anyone looking to get coins produced. But in order to figure out what custom options one should opt for, it would be best to first understand how challenge coins are made.

The first step is the designing stage. At this point, design ideas from the customer would be developed and refined. The artwork can furnished by the customer himself or it can be done by artists from the manufacturer. The layout can be in any format. Even pencil sketches can be turned into a usable design for a coin. However, most professionals now employ graphic design software to make more precise artwork. The final design would have to be approved by the customer and the manufacturer before proceeding to the next stage. The design specifications should also include the shape and metal style that the client wants.

Challenge coinsIn the molding stage, the design is molded into plastic clay. When the mold has been perfected, a rubber substance is poured into it and allowed to set. Once ready, it is attached to an engraver that transfers the design onto a blank coin. The coin is made of the base metal that the customer has chosen. It must be ensured that the engraver have the approved design in reverse, otherwise, the final coin would have a reversed design instead.

This step takes almost a month to accomplish. That is also why the customer must allow for a long processing time for the manufacturing of challenge coins. If the coins are rushed in production, this could lead to items of sub-par quality.

Next comes the striking stage where the engraver is set onto an anvil and a hammer is pounded onto it. This results in the design being stamped on the coin. For coins with designs on both sides, two engravers would be used and the blank coin is inserted between them before striking. So, the two sides will have their designs appear simultaneously.

Then, the plating stage is when the newly struck metal coin will be given a plating as desired by the customer. They can choose from a variety of plating options with the most popular ones being silver and gold. The metal will, then, be finished according to the client’s desired look. Some metals can be polished to a high sheen or dulled to create an antiqued, aged look.

If the design of the challenge coin involves color, then the painting stage comes next. This is done by hand and each color is applied one by one. So, a large batch of orders would take a long time to paint depending also on the number of colors to be used and the complexity of the design. Those with fine lines and small details will involve a lot of care from artisans to make.

Lastly, the protecting stage is where the challenge coin will be coated in a protective enamel or epoxy to make sure that the paint will not easily wear off and to also guard against nicks and scratches on the metal. The recesses in the design will have to be filled in carefully and the surface coated evenly for a professional appearance. In this stage, textures using the coating can also be applied to the coin. This adds dimension to the designs and is good for highlighting parts that would benefit from further emphasis.

Online services for manufacturing challenge coins like offer services on their website that will allow you to easily design and choose the coins you want. They also provide an effortless transaction with different payment gateway methods and free shipping that will get your challenge coins to you in the most efficient way possible.

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How Keynote Speakers Live their Lives

Motivation | Posted by Geraldine Jensen
Dec 29 2014

The daily routine of a keynote speaker includes appointments with clients, researching for materials to use in the next event, reviewing the itinerary for the week and others. This is the normal schedule of a full time keynote speaker. The part-time keynote speaker has another day job. The part time speaker accepts appointments with clients during his extra time – most of the time during weekends. Part-time speakers carry out their research whenever they can, and they are hired only during their free time. Their day job will keep them secure financially in case there are no clients. Here are the things keynote speakers normally do every day, whether part-time or full-time:

Checking for Clients

A part of the daily routine of keynote speakers is to check for new clients. They may have new messages in their emails, answering machines or their fax. After checking their messages they need to call back the potential clients and ask if they could arrange an appointment or a meeting if they have any questions they want to ask and finalize the booking if they are really interested. Part time speakers, on the other hand, check messages only during their spare time so they need to set up an arrangement right away with their possible clients.

Looking for New Material

Keynote speakers

Speakers should be on the move all the time with new material every time they get hired. This is the reason why they are always carrying out some research and is searching for new and fresh ideas that they can add into their presentation, so that they can properly convey the topic to their audience. This will make it easier for the audience to understand the topic. They own a ton of books for their research and would continually take trips to the library or are always online.

Fixing their Schedule

Keynote speakers with day jobs always have a busy schedule, so they need to balance their everyday work with their part-time speaking engagement. The best way for them to do this is to multitask. They can accept appointments during the day and meet with the potential clients during their break or the weekend. These types of speakers are usually single men who have all the time in the world. The part-time job is what they needed most, but they also need to think of a time when they have no clients, and they need additional cash.

Checking on Other Speakers

The best way keynote speakers can improve their performance is to check on other speakers in the field. They need to enrich their knowledge and to do that, they should learn how to observe other speakers during their presentation and find out exactly how they do what they do best.

For a particular organization or business, it is essential for them to have regular speeches or talks where the employees or members can learn a lot from them. This is an effective source of inspiration or motivation for several individuals. This is the reason why if a business or an organization decides to provide a convention or talk, they need to get the service of the best speaker among the many keynote speakers around.

Getting the service of a keynote speaker is important as this will be the person who will provide the speech or talk in a group. The speakers need to be experts in public speaking and should have the knowledge about the topic or subject matter that will be discussed. It is very vital that the keynote speaker is reliable and effective in carrying out their tasks as the group will benefit a lot from them.

PCB Designing Role in Its Fabrication

Electronics | Posted by Patrick Song
Dec 26 2014

PCB fabrication may seem simple, but it isn’t always the case. One thing that should not be overlooked is the accuracy in the manufacturing process, which is a major role of the designing process of PCB’s. The design should be exactly pictured and made according to the client’s specifications. These board specifications include the number of layers, the type of materials, the dimensions, and the number and circumference of holes. These are all put in a design, and a single mistake will make a nonfunctional or rejected PCB.

Pcb fabricationDesigning and prototyping of the schematics are the initial steps in PCB fabrication. These are the key steps to produce or prevent inaccuracies in the further stages of producing PCBs. During the initial phase, to create a physical version of the electronic schematic, a netlist file is necessary. The sketch version or layout details are transferred to a Gerber, which is still commonly used, however there are other available EDA – Electronic Design Automation software tools.

Gerber file format isn’t that accurate as some poor manufacturers perceive, but this format is the foundation in manufacturing PCBs. The Gerber file contains alphanumeric characters and symbols. The new standard for Gerber files allows just one file to contain the majority of information, while the old standard requires more than a single file for containing the information for a layer. The advantage of the new standard over the old standard is that a single file is easy to keep track with than two or more files.

Gerber files’ instructions are used in the configuration parameters such that their codes include the suitable and desired geometry in the PCB fabrication process. They also include the specifications about the polygon fills, line widths, complex shapes, lettering and other parameters. Gerber files make possible the generation of codes, which have corresponding results in the physical layout of PCB’s.

Gerber files are not just limited to codes but they also show an image of the copper’s location on a layer, of where it should be. Gerber files also show images of where the solder mask and screen paint should be applied. They also contain information about the size, locations and properties of holes, which are in the form of codes. Excellon is another computer program that can help further with the layout concerning the specific drilling and routing places on the board.

Gerber files include the layouts of the top, bottom, silkscreen top, drill and board outline layer. Basically a Gerber file defines what needs to be done on each layer, including milling, drilling and cutting the layer of the board. However, the CAM technicians must continuously update the computer system so that there will be no discrepancies between the designing and manufacturing process in PCB fabrication.

After Gerber files are checked, along with the machine for prototyping, they are used for the creation of the PCB substrate. As part of completing the board, components are soldered into place. It is important that all traces are routed.

There are differences among the PCB manufacturers regarding the various processes that involve the designing and prototyping of PCB’s. Some have more advanced PCB software and a checklist online in which the client has the direct access to input the specifications and quantities of the PCB they need. The check file can be loaded directly to the design software. Other manufacturers use EAGLE or Easily Applicable Graphic Layout Editor, which is easier to use because of its schematic capture and PCB layout editor. There is a variety of free software that the manufacturers can choose from to assure them of ease during the initial phases of the PCB fabrication process.

PCB Industry are ready to produce the finest quality PCB Frabicration products that our customers.

Digital Signage Vs. Billboard – Which is Better?

Social Media | Posted by Kid Lupus
Dec 24 2014

It is hard not to notice that there are lots of billboards located in high areas. Advertising experts have proven that this is one of the best methods to enhance brand awareness. Because of that, a lot of establishments are in favor of display advertising. But using billboards does have its setbacks since it requires a lot of money. That will also go on for as long as the owner would want to advertise their products.

digital signageThe use of paper billboards or signs in promoting a product, service or sending out information is not actually a bad thing. Because the advertisements will be placed before the eyes of prospective customers, the product, name of the business, and the service being offered will be more familiar with them. But there could be a problem because the information that could be placed on the billboard or sign will be quite limited. For example, only an image or two could be placed along with the design and a couple lines of text. This would actually be beneficial for the business. However, the business would need to make the most of the ad space that will be used for their advertising strategy.

The good thing is that a creative and modern technology has been introduced and is now regarded as an excellent choice for display advertising. Digital signage offers massive advantages over the old typical paper billboards. If business owners would want to create unlimited content with the limited space that they have, digital signage would allow them to do that and it would surely be a brilliant marketing strategy for them. The digital boards could read memory cards and disks so they essentially give the business owner unlimited space for advertising. Also, every time they want to show new ads, they would not have to create another billboard.

The conventional billboards or signs will take several months to plan and print out. The final layout will afterwards have to be transported to the desired place where it will be put up. A team will be responsible in hanging the paper billboard or sign. In quite a few cases, the installation may take one day or more. They are exposed to extreme weather conditions, most often high winds. In case something bad took place, the billboard or sign is rarely ever repaired because it is even more expensive to do so. It will just operate torn or ripped throughout the duration its run. This is far from the condition that the business owner wanted to happen.

Alternatively, the displays of the digital signage only need to be installed once. Digital advertising companies have been so innovative that they have created technology for the displays that could last for more than five years and it would still have the same image quality as the first time they were put up. This will not involve any printing and shipping expenses. The business owner would have to shell out money for the design expenses, but it would not be something that is all or nothing.

The design could be modified on a daily basis or as frequently as the business owner desires. There is no threat to human life in mounting the billboard. As soon as the digital signage is installed, everything else is operated and managed remotely. After some time, the business owner will realize that the digital ad is a far less expensive strategy. It is environment friendly and it will give far more marketing profits to the owners of the digital ads. It can also lessen the overall advertising expenditures of the business owner.